Get Involved

This page has all the information you need to know so you can help get involved with our farm!


Donations is how our farm gets to continue.  Without your support we aren't able to do what we do.  Our life mission is to help save as many animals as we can and give them the care and love they deserve.  Below are the different options we have for donating.  Thank you for considering to donate!


In Person

51 Old Voluntown Rd

Griswold CT 06351


Please use the link to your left

By Phone


Donation Wish Lists


Tractor Supply


Sponsor a Friend

Sponsoring a friend is a great way to get involved! When sponsoring a farm friend you will be helping with their vet care, medications needed, feeding and so much more. We have several types of sponsorship options as well as yearly memberships!


 Each pay level of sponsorship helps with different pieces of general care each animal needs and receives.  As well as help with fence repairs, hay orders and new toys!


  By being an Angel sponsor, you will get to pick which friend you would like to help along with several perks such as receiving email updates quarterly specially written for you plus a picture made by your farm friend!

We have 3 levels of memberships as well that allow your family to save money will being able to come to the farm more often!

You will find sponsorship/membership options by clicking the button below.