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I am finally getting through so many of the projects that are coming our way! We cannot say thank you enough for all the amazing visitors, followers and people who have donated and supported us! I will try to update our blog weekly but please bare with me while we get everything settled. We do have gift cards available through our website as well as subscription and donation options.

All profits raised from gift cards, shop buys, sessions booked, donations and other ways all help us care for our rescue animals. Our animals are our life and the more funds we raise the more we can expand and take in more farm animals in need! All donations accepted through our website are tax deductible. :)

It is not cheap to care for our friends! It costs about $800-$1000 a month to feed, vet care and general care for them! Our cost is only going up as some of our friends are still growing, we are ready to give them the life time commitment they deserve. Some of our animals can live 20-30 years! every visit and dollar raised helps us care for them. thank you for your consideration!

we have made an amazon and tractor supply wish lists. For tractor supply if you would like to set up for us to pick up to avoid paying shipping please set it up for Marra's Menagerie as the pick up person and for griswold ct as location. Thank you so much for all the continued support.

If donations are not how you would like to help and you would rather donation you time and volunteer, we will always love to have you here! if you don't mind getting messy, smelling like goat and ready to work we are ready and waiting for you to join us.


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