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Goats are the next multivitamin!

Did you know that when you come for a snuggle session not only are you coming and learning about our rescue and helping support our mission you are also getting something quite rewarding out of it as well? There have been many studies that talk about how great animal assisted therapy can be, and the many rewarding outcomes for both mental and physical health. We do not run assisted therapy here at our farm just yet hopefully we will be shortly in the future, but you can still get so many of the benefits from just our hour sessions

with them. Goats are highly intelligent and friendly much like horses. Goats long for connection and love to interact and explore. During your sessions some of our goats may try to put their hooves on your leg, much like a dog would, to get your attention and affection. They are very curious, playful animals that love to interact. While you are at our sessions some of our goats may push other out of the way to get more of your affection then others, they truly crave your personalized love. Did you know that goats can recognize human emotion and the faces we make to represent them? They are very keen and will gravitate towards someone who seems to be sad or hurting and could use a little extra attention. Goats are animal that can’t hurt you like a horse accidentally can. There personality is like a mix between cat and dog. They have a hilarious sense of humor as they bounce and show off their mischievous cheeky side. You just can’t help but to bond with a goat. Here is just some of the great things’ goats can help you with:

Mental Health:

  • Just petting animals release a relaxation response.

  • Humans interacting with animals have found that petting the animal promoted the release of serotonin, prolactin, and oxytocin- all hormones that can play a part in elevating moods.

  • Lowers anxiety by decreasing cortisol levels and helps people relax.

  • Can help improve PTSD and depression while surrounded with the animals

  • Provides comfort.

  • Reduces loneliness.

  • Increases mental stimulation.

  • Can provide an escape or happy distraction.

  • Can act as catalysts in the therapy process while with the assistance animals.

  • May help break the ice.

  • May reduce anxiety.

Physical Health:

· Helps lower blood pressure and improves cardiovascular health.

· Reduces the number of medications some people need.

· Breathing slows in those who are anxious.

· Diminishes overall physical pain.

· Helps you relax more during exercise.

o Participants were motivated, enjoyed the therapy sessions more, and felt the atmosphere of the session was less stressful during Animal-Assisted therapy.

· For Children with Autism

o Many children with autism feel a deep bond with animals and feel that they are able to relate better than humans.

o Children with autism when engaged have a significantly greater use of language as well as social interaction with their therapy sessions that incorporated animals compared to standard therapy sessions without them.


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